Baby Shower Brings Smiles to Dispatch Center

Madison Grace is not born yet; in fact, she is not even due to arrive until late August.  However, that did not stop dispatchers at a local emergency communications center in Orange County, CA, from throwing her a party .

Madison’s mother, a veteran police dispatcher, showed up early in the morning for her last day of work before going out on maternity leave. The look on her face coming off the elevator was priceless when she saw the communications center decorated with balloons and cards.  Her “family in blue” made arrangements to throw a surprise baby shower with gifts and lunch.  They celebrated with smiles, transforming what is usually a somber police communications center dealing with the most awful emergencies one can imagine into a joyful party.

It was during this celebration I was reminded of the beauty of a police family.  Not many other work forces can boast of such close camaraderie like law enforcement.  Sworn officer or professional civilian matters not; coworkers in law enforcement mourn losses and celebrate triumphs together as a family like no other industry.  Little Madison has no idea of the size of family in which she is about to be born.  Hundreds of officers, dispatchers, and professional staff will adopt her into the police family.


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